About Me

I'm not a blogger but don't push me ;)

I'm a native of Nashville, TN., currently residing in Washington, DC after 9 years in Memphis, TN. I love being a woman, being black, being a follower of Christ, being a naturalista, and hopefully my little blog reflects all of that.  

Before I could even finish my B.A. in Journalism, I had already mentally moved on and cultivated a new love for public service.  After completing my Master of Public Administration I had neglected my first love, writing, altogether so although I hope to inspire women & girls who look like me through this blog, I selfishly am looking forward to rekindling the love I once had with journalism.  

I'm not trying to fix anyone's life with this blog, I'm just working on mine, and welcoming you all on the journey.  

Visit as much as you'd like!  :)