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"Black is the new pink. This is a strong statement that could ring true when attributed to the alarming rising death rates among black women with breast cancer."

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When Brian Mays combined holistic dental hygiene and philanthropy, he produced Smile Natural Toothpaste — a company that uses toothpaste to give back to the community.

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When Tonya Boyd took her first emergency medical technician (EMT) class in the mid-’90s, she had no idea that two decades later she’d be the first African-American female deputy chief of the New York Fire Department. 


A dedication rocked the small town of Tryon, North Carolina, on Wednesday. It was the celebration of the preservation of the birth home of revolutionary, musician and activist Nina Simone —

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We have learned a lot about HIV/AIDS since the disease started to get attention in the early 1980s. But with roughly 50,000 new cases of HIV infection each year in the United States, it is clear there is more work to be done.



A friend of mine recently sent an article with the title "What People Don't Tell You About Freezing Your Eggs." After three long blinks and mentally slamming my head into my keyboard at work, I asked myself, "Should I be thinking about this?"